Our donors allowed us to present the most amazing array of items offering wonderful choices to be had, and there never are words enough to say how grateful we are to each and every one of them.


Midway through the auction there was a bittersweet moment when the last Esther Faulkner painting was auctioned off with her son in attendance.  The painting sold for an amazing $2,500.  Another poignant moment came when the last Paul Porter donated item was auctioned off.  They were great artists whose works will never be forgotten and truly treasured by all those who have had the good fortune to own one of their works.


The dedicated staff of the Horn Restaurant makes our ability to setup the event absolutely awesome for display and the comfort of everyone in attendance.


Proceeds from this event will support Phase I of a Three Phase campaign to assist twelve hospital departments with equipment and services.


Again my sincere thank you for helping the Foundation help our Hospital.


Elizabeth Dulin

Foundation Executive Director