Charity auction to support medical needs

“A lineup that is sure to please everyone for that wonderful something they have just the perfect place for, is what the Foundation will be presenting at its Third Charity Auction,” said Elizabeth Dulin, Foundation executive director.

York’s of Houlton will showcase the event Saturday, May 18, at its showroom starting with preview at 5 p.m. Catering for the evening will be done by Joyce Transue owner of the Courtyard Café in Houlton.  Norris Oakes of Bangor will bring his auction talents back for an auction start at 7 p.m.
“We are extremely fortunate to have three highlighted donated items including a coveted Smith & Wesson 1911, “E” Series Firearm, with the book “Gun” A Visual History, from Smith & Wesson; an Old Town Discovery Canoe from Gemma Bartley with signed Ray Porter (of Patten) paddles; and an incredible piece of autographed golf memorabilia (think large striped cat and a forest) with provenance,” Dulin said.
Local artisans in the Foundation’s service area have created every item at this event, with a miniscule amount of items from other areas. An amazing collection of quilts, textiles/leather, jewelry, culinary delights, wood, metal, Native American (all four Maine tribes represented), baskets, pottery, paintings, prints, beauty, books, gift certificates and whimsy are featured.
“There is just so much talent here and to be able to showcase this wealth of creativity is an honor for me personally, and also humbling that these individuals are so willing to give what has been created with their heart to support their hospital,” Dulin said. “This year we were also grateful to a number of businesses and individuals who chose to be sponsors of particular works.”      The Foundation’s fund-raising efforts this year are a broad-based campaign to purchase nine pieces of equipment over seven different departments.
“We need to replace aging equipment or a need of additional items to support patient care,” Dulin said. “The departments, which will see support, are acute care, emergency department, dietary, operating room, lab, labor and delivery and the pharmacy. The requests each department made are vitally needed and cannot be purchased by the hospital at this point in time. Proper diagnosis and treatment are what our communities rely on when they visit our hospital, they must have the security of knowing we have the right equipment to make that happen. Our campaign must raise the necessary funding for the health and well being of all those who use our hospital’s services.
“Fabulous donors provide the auction items, York’s of Houlton the venue, and a whole host of supportive workers who are so willing, especially at the last moment, to help us set up and pull it all together in record time. Setup doesn’t start until a few hours before the auction preview begins so we need all the help we can get and with everyone doing his or her part it works beautifully.
The Foundation website at www.healthservicesfoundation
.org lists current donated auction pieces and updated as more items are added.
“Even though we are a small Foundation by a lot of standards, over $2 million in grant funding dollars has been given back, while still maintaining a strong and healthy endowment fund, even during these difficult economic times,” Dulin added. “Small Foundations, like ours are the backbone of keeping hospitals and health centers alive and well, saying a lot for those of us who continue to strive, on a daily basis, to make sure that support never stops.

Reprinted from The Houlton Pioneer Times