“The Most Sophisticated, State-of-the-Art Mammography Unit”

“Sophie” — The most sophisticated, state-of-the-art mammography unit –  north of Portland, is now offered through Houlton Regional Hospital.

Advanced Technology

With the “Sophie” unit the most up to date technology has been used to provide superb image quality.  The unit has compression with various speed levels and fine-tuning.  The patented degressive compression speed allows strong and steady compression with minimal discomfort.  For increased patient comfort, the auto-release function decom-MaxView Positioning System

MaxView Positioning System maximizes the view which results in finding more cancers.  Maximizing the field of view in mammography is difficult with standard compression systems.  This is particularly the case with the chest wall side, no matter which mammography unit is used, film-screen or full field digital.

This unique system uses moving, hygienic and radiolucent sheets which roll the breast onwards from the chest wall during and after compression.  The pull effect provides up to 2 cm more breast tissue on all views.  Another advantage is that it permits separation of the superimposed breast tissues by enabling to move the lower and upper radiolucent sheets with different speeds or in different directions.

The MaxView Positioning System is an exclusive patented design and available only on “Sophie” Mammography Units,