Houlton Regional Hospital was established in 1972 when the Aroostook General and Madigan Memorial Hospitals consolidated in order to respond more appropriately to the expanded health care needs of the people of Aroostook County.

This consolidation virtually guarantees a level of health care quality not often found in a community of this size; in an area this remote.  But with payment modes changing in Maine and across the nation, another element integral to success is the continued commitment of community leadership.

The problems of the delivery of modern health care are too great to be ignored, and too complex to be easily solved or quickly resolved.  By recognizing such problems as opportunities and challenges the members of “The Society of ’72” have chosen to dedicate themselves and their resources of time, talent and treasure, as they are able, to perfecting the humanitarian service of assuring comfort and health to the patients of Houlton Regional Hospital.

Acknowledging that today’s Houlton Regional Hospital has it’s roots in the generosity of our ancestors; people whose names are written in the hearts and minds of their children and grand-children, we, by founding “The Society of ’72” normally advocate for ourselves and our successors their ideals of service and commitment.  Together we can do for one another what alone no one of us can do for himself.

The Purposes of “The Society of ’72”…

Members of the Society are those who have an active and abiding interest in the work of Houlton Regional Hospital – individuals who, like the philanthropic founders of our hospital, believe that the people of Southern Aroostook County and its environs have a right to quality health care; the same kind of modern medical services available to people in Bangor and Portland.

Specifically, the Society will:

v build a special relationship between the Foundation and its leadership donors;

v strengthen interest in and commitment to the Foundation for the continuation and advancement of quality health care;

v secure the assistance and counsel of Society members, and

v provide annual financial support   which will set a standard of giving for others to follow.

“The Society of ’72” is dedicated to carrying out the work initiated nearly a century ago by our caring ancestors.  Now we must take our place in the tradition of those who wish to serve and ensure quality of healthcare to our neighbors, our family, ourselves.

Membership in “The Society of ‘72”…

Membership in “The Society of ’72” is open to all individuals, families, or companies who exclusive of all other gifts and without legally binding themselves or their estates, formally declare their intent to contribute a substantial annual gift to the Health Services Foundation.

Founder’s Forum

Those who contribute $1,000 and declare their intent to do so annually unless circumstances prevent, shall be members of the “Founder’s Forum”.  Members will receive a specially designed plaque, and will be commemorated on the Society of “72” Roster proudly displayed in the hospital’s lobby.

Benefactor’s Forum

Those who contribute $500 and declare their intent to do so annually unless circumstances prevent, shall be members of the “Benefactors Forum”.  Members will receive a handsome Membership Plaque and will be commemorated on the Society of “72” Poster proudly displayed in the hospital’s lobby.

Categories of Membership…

Active Members

Individuals, families, and companies who, exclusive of other gifts, pledges, or payments thereon, state their intention to contribute $500 or more annually or who actually contribute $10,000 or more to the foundation will be considered active members of “The Society of ‘72”.  Only active members will be commemorated on the Society of “72” Poster under “Active Members”.

Honorary Members

On occasion, “The Society of ‘72” may elect honorary members who through the years have faithfully served and supported the hospital and who have brought prestige and esteem to the hospital, their country, and their profession.

In Memoriam Members

All deceased friends of the hospital who are elected by the Foundation and who have contributed $10,000 or more to the Foundation either by outright gift, charitable bequest, or remainder agreement, shall be considered “In Memoriam Members”.

Annual Meeting

All Society members will be invited annually to the Foundation’s Annual celebration at which time they will receive a report of the Foundation and the Hospital concerning  the expenditure of funds received by “The Society of ‘72.”